Sechrist Elementary

Sechrist Elementary has a working garden in the central courtyard of the school. It was started with grant money awarded by Flagstaff Food Link in 2007, and has since grown with the help of parent, student, and community volunteers, including the Master Gardeners of Flagstaff. We are excited to be adding a beautiful greenhouse this year, a gift from the Sechrist PTO. It will provide more space for seed starting and further educational opportunities for growing food year-round. We are also proud to have John Taylor working with our fourth graders for lessons in gardening techniques and sustainability.

We have participating teachers in all grade levels, and continue to seek out opportunities for further curriculum development. For more information, please contact Carrie Odem, parent volunteer at 774-7005.

Also, We have that greenhouse arriving the week of Oct. 12-14, and are signing up volunteers to help in 3 hour shifts on Saturday Oct. 15 and Sunday Oct. 16. If you have any time to participate, come to our shindig (hotdogs will be served!) Contact Carrie at 774-7005 to sign up.

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