Puente De Hozho

Puente GardenPuente De Hozho has two garden spaces that are maintained by the garden club, Pathways program for Native Americans, and the fourth grade as part of their science curriculum. The courtyard garden has numerous plots and half are planted using Native American techniques of dry farming and is supervised by Aaron Secakuku, a Puente parent and teacher for Pathways. The other part of the courtyard garden is managed by garden club and the fourth grade. Craig Bowie is the garden club teacher sponsor and we are very fortunate to have the constant guidance of master gardener, John Taylor as well. Garden club meets every Friday all year long and includes students and parents. The fourth grade also works in the courtyard garden under the guidance of John Taylor and fourth grade teacher, Sarah Cayou. Garden club has also created a native plant garden in the front of our school in conjunction with the native animal mural painted by the entire school last year with master artist David Grandon. If there are any inquiries feel free to email Craig Bowie at cbowie@fusd1.org.

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1 thought on “Puente De Hozho

  1. Puente De Hozho garden club is currently on winter break and will start back up on Friday afternoons beginning in March for indoor planting, soil mixing etc. Craig Bowie

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