Kinsey Elementary

Kinsey Elementary is a school for K-6 that is located right off the south campus of Northern Arizona University. The garden there can be found in between two of the wings of the school.  One day, a substitute teacher by the name of Norma Roudebush walked past the area and thought that it would make better use as a garden than just a place for the elms to grow. She went to the principal, Mrs. Hardy and asked to start a garden. That was 2 years ago.

Since then the garden has flourished with the help of volunteers and donations. The PTO bought the shed, Wal-mart donated the tools, and plants and seeds were donated fromWarner’s, Viola’s, and Native Plant and Seed. The garden is a medley of trails, trees raised beds and terraces. Many trenches run throughout the garden bringing with them the water runoff from the roof above. Volunteers have helped to winterize the garden, make new beds, plant, and rearrange to make room for the two new greenhouses that are soon to be a part of the garden. With parent donations we already have some of the window panes, but more are always welcome.

Grown in the garden are various fruits and veggies like tomatoes, squash, corn, strawberries, and raspberries. We also grow daisies and marigolds to bring some color. There is a Garden Club made up of mostly 1st and 2nd graders that meets on Fridays after school gets out to learn the ways of the land. The garden has been recognized as the best community garden in Flagstaff by the Gardner’s Association Contest two years in a row and won Best in Show in the Fair in agriculture and floriculture last year. Our hope is that it keeps growing and teaching for years to come.

-Contribution by Dani Zerr, NAU student

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